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#TheKnowledgeSeries...I studied a lot this season to understand this mindset of complete clarity, peace and purpose...and I’ve honestly never felt fuller! ———————> “Place no hope in the experience of satisfaction now. If you do, you are shifting away from the hope held out in the gospel of Christ. You will then disfigure the Christian life into a search for a fullness of felt spiritual reality and complete freedom from evil’s power that together promise to provide the life you’ve always wanted in THIS world. That is NOT the Christian life. To believe that it is blurs and discounts what Jesus accomplished in his death and resurrection. It will not prove appealing until you recognize the future you’d be facing had Jesus not died. Right now, Jesus is (literally) IN you as your HOPE of glory, not as your opportunity to experience glory now. That hope, when grasped, will fill you with gratitude for forgiveness. Only then will you realize what Jesus offers you NOW (an entirely new relationship with God which crucifixion made possible), is far greater than the satisfying, trouble free, always fulfilling life that YOU think would be best, the life that too many counselors, pastors, spiritual warfare warriors, spiritual directors, and Christian friends tell you is available now.” -Dr. Larry Crabb

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