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Never address shade from trees with no fruit 🌿

Matthew 21:18-21 Jesus was hungry & saw a full fig tree, but on close inspection it was bare. #FalseAdvertising He cursed the tree to never bear fruit again, it withered to its roots. The tree was Isreal (or our disobedience), it looked/walked/talked like a fig tree, but it had no fruit. They, like many now, thought following strict laws & traditions made them saved & obedient. But their hearts & actions lacked relationship, a loving desire to follow & God’s wisdom to bear fruit. People like this are neither holy, nor just, nor true, nor faithful to God, nor loving to their neighbor, just fruitless & barren “religious” people. People & Nations right now may look busy & fruitful, but without a relationship & a righteous heart of obedience Jesus shows us- they will stand & pass as fruitful for a while, but upon judgement will wither away.

The disciples asked how He did that? I’ve heard this interpreted many ways, but the Spirit gave me this: Jesus said look, the tree withered because it was a counterfeit. It is written, God in the end will judge & destroy all “counterfeits” bearing no fruit for the Kingdom. So IF you pray with true faith that God will perform His perfect judgement, IF you forgive others so you are forgiven & know His love, & IF you truly believe & receive it…then God too will handle the fruitless counterfeits in your life & of this world! Jesus said not only can you expect to see fake trees to wither (⚠️In God’s timing), you can also tell whatever Opposition you face, your Mountain, to Throw itself in the Sea, & expect from God it will be done! See God always provide us a literal way to throw our figurative mountain, may not be what/how you want! Jesus said believe in God’s mighty power & perfect justice to pray with a kingdom focus.

He wasn’t upset at the tree; he was upset it wasn’t being true to it’s creation by our creator to bear fruit. The same for fake people, esp. fake “religious” people. No need to compare, envy, worry, be angered or argue; the counterfeits are for God to justly handle!

The real focus is- are YOU bearing FRUIT this season, or do you just look full of leaves? John 15:5

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