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#FreeYourself I’ve recently begun a mission to unlearn all of the bad habits social media has created for our generation. Let’s face it, the devil doesn’t even have to hide anymore with all these outlets to tempt us into sin. In my quest for freedom I read an article that said social media/news/apps is basically chewing gum for your brain 🍬, you’re getting short pieces of information so quickly it doesn’t have time to’s not food for development. So whatever you are actually feeling (that made you turn to your phone for a distraction), never gets processed or addressed for an actual solution. You’re feeling blah that day...browse social media...9x's outta 10 you’ll still feel blah, probably worse even after. We are filling our minds and bodies constantly with trash, chewing gum...while outwardly trying to appear happy and perfect. No wonder we are hurting and sick! We have become programmed and brain-washed, but it’s time to break free and rest in your true identity found only in God and Gods perfect love! See which photo resonates with you and check out The Good Life series to come free yourself with me!

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