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|Limits, like fear, is often an illusion. When you start to tap into your Godfidence, you’ll realize even when you think you made it to the top, God always has another level for you in store. You gotta do the work to get there, but the destination is always promised. What always blows my mind 🤯 is that we serve a limitless God, yet we continually limit our minds to the illusions of what this world tells us we can and can’t do. God said with simple faith- we can speak to and move mountains, we can overcome anything in His name, we can heal ourselves, we can save peoples lives, we can have strength, love, peace and knowledge that surpasses all understanding (to name a few)....yet few of us fully tap into that part. We’re not just down here to chill guys, it’s a matter of life or death. It’s time to level up, use your spiritual gifts...shine your light in this world while we here! Keep climbing those stairs to what’s next and remember the only limits are the ones we set.|

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