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#KnowledgeSeries- In order to grow you gotta get higher, get out of your comfort zone and reach new levels. But in order to #KNOW you gotta go low, head inside and down cuz you gotta dig deep! We’re searching for peace, understanding, a paradise life....What if I told you God cares so much about your peace and joy (yeah yours specifically) HE wanted to be fully in control of it, so you only find it in Him and no one or nothing can ever take it from you. What if I told you your pursuit to have a happy life can exist right now if you gain more knowledge of what God wants for you. God said- if you live IN me and THROUGH my will for you, my words, my promises, my through the life and death of my Son, and allow the Holy Spirit to lead you daily...that is your peace, your happiness and your good life! Errryday 👏 Through any circumstance 🙌 That is the life God gives us FREELY! So it’s time to get low, dig into this knowledge, dig into God and be free! Get to your paradise...stay tuned for the next #TheGoodLifeTV #BibleStudy -The Knowledge’s a game changer!

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