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Your Anxiety is Lying to You!

Hit Like ❤️ if you agree! Look, I’m not saying anxiety and depression can’t have true roots of chemical imbalances, etc, but I am saying 👏MOST👏of our issues lie simply within the way WE think, and subsequently how we handle our issues. Our minds 🧠 are extremely powerful and actually capable of overwriting, renewing and breaking generational chains at any time! Today I wanted to post some of my personal reminders and tips on anxiety to inspire whoever needs it to keep fighting‼️ #TheGoodLifeMinistry #TheGoodLifeTV

💡The Truth and Nothing But the Truth💡

-Our minds are broken by sin which means we can’t trust even what we think, ourselves. Jeremiah 17:9, Romans 12:2, 2 Timothy 1:7, Ephesians 4:22-24, Colossians 3:2-5 -Don’t limit God to the ability of your thinking…How you view God plays a major role in how you view yourself.

-Faith and fear both require you to believe in something you cannot see…you choose.

-You don’t have to pray away fear/anxiety…because God never gave it to you. He said cast (throw) your anxieties on Him. Deal with the true source and pray to experience joy and peace through God instead.

-The enemy wants you to feel like God isn’t there, but God never moved. Movement starts in the mind and God wants your thought life (but so does Satan- be alert on who you feed)!

-Think of anxiety as your faith being choked. When you’re choking its not the time to lay down and watch tv with a plate of comfort food to self-medicate your melancholy. You need to dislodge the obstruction so you can breathe again. You need to fight for your life, you may even need someone to give you the Heimlich.

🧠4 Steps to Reduce Your Anxiety from Dr.Caroline Leaf:

📕Embrace it- Acknowledge the feeling, trigger and source of your anxiety. By acknowledging your anxiety, you are actually bringing it into your conscious awareness and weakening the mental and physical bonds of the memory that are making you anxious! This prepares you for change, while suppressing anxiety will just make it grow and strengthen in your non-conscious like a virus, affecting your thought patterns and future actions.

📗Timing- Set time aside now or later to deal with the root cause of your anxiety. First you acknowledge your anxiety, then you make a plan to deal with it. By doing so, you intentionally determine not to let the anxiety affect what you are doing right now—you are in control, not your anxiety.

📘Mental Autopsy- Look back at your anxious experiences, analyze them to understand how you can improve. When you start to understand your experiences, you can reconceptualize them (or redesign them) by learning from them, which helps you stop letting your anxiety control you. When the anxious experience has ended, start asking, answering and discussing with yourself why it happened, how did it happen, how did I react, what were my triggers and so on, which will help you gain insight into the issue and see how it can be avoided in the future, and how you can improve the way you react the next time something similar happens.

📙Imagine Yourself in the Future- Imagination creates actual physical networks in the brain. When done in an “optimism mode” we develop a possibilities mindset: instead of seeing a series of failures, we see a series of learning opportunities and open doors. This process strengthens and builds the newly reconceptualized thought structure we spoke about in #3, making the solution (or solutions) to your anxiety more real and accessible. In other words, don’t beat yourself up over an incident, think of how the next experience will be different based on what you learned and how you will chose to handle it better next time.

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